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Are you a Floral Pioneer?

FloriSMart-need-YOUSomething big is coming to the UK florist sector. Something set to rumble the industry in more ways than one. Which is why Steve France, Tracey Griffin* and their team of experts are on the hunt for pioneers to be a part of a flower buying revolution.

They're looking for independent florists who are serious about their business and not afraid of change. The sort of changes that, with a few simple clicks, can hit your bank account and profitability.

New Year, New Flower Market

At its simplest FloriSmart is an online flower market that allows you to pick and choose between wholesalers, giving you the very best value and the very best quality. You've all seen the car insurance ads ... well that's what FloriSmart is - without the meerkats! A flower buyer's comparison site created by a team with expert knowledge of wholesaling and a tremendous passion for flowers. And because a fair few of them are florists themselves not only can they be trusted but they understand your business and realise how important it is you can buy at the best prices... and as easily as possible.

In fact FloriSmart is the first ever online flower market to allow florists to compare prices and products from a range of wholesalers quickly and easily. With over a million stems and 800 varieties from some of the largest wholesalers, this level of choice and competition has never been seen before and just one of the reasons why Steve is convinced florists could see a change in their fortunes.

"With the changes in consumer buying patterns, I firmly believe independent florists can, and will take back market share. With FloriSmart creating a level playing field for buying, where florists and supermarkets can finally compete fairly, florists will be one step closer to doing so."

FloriSmart is still in beta until its formal launch in April, so there are tons more features and updates to be made. But to take it to the next level the team need even more florists around the UK to jump on-board and help them build what could be THE flower buying platform for the next century. If you're that sort of florist visit or email and one of the team will get in touch.

exclusive-interviewsIn the meantime we've got exclusive interviews with Steve France, Managing Director and Tracey Griffin, Marketing Manager. Click here to see who's behind it, why they're doing it, and why they believe FloriSmart is the way independent florists can fight back in 2015 and beyond.

And if we haven't persuaded you already...


Here are just a few more reasons why we reckon you should consider giving FloriSmart a go:

• You'll spend less money on flowers so you'll have plenty more for salaries, advertising, new products, shop décor, tea, biscuits, buckets....

• It's not just about buying the cheapest blooms out there. FloriSmart isn't just a price comparison site; it's also about finding the right flower for the right purpose ... be it a luxury length rose for Valentine's or lower cost short but perfect stems for based designs and both at the best prices.

• FloriSmart is created by an outstanding team of experts in all areas of the industry from floristry and buying to transport logistics and florescence, plus they're based in both Holland and the UK.

• Head honcho Steve France brings a wealth of insider knowledge from his time at boxed flower company Arena. Think poacher turned game keeper, returning from the dark side to build a better market for florists.

• Users will be able to rate products and growers to help each other find the best flowers at the best prices. User reviews are the number one method for guaranteeing you can trust your purchase.

• The competition among suppliers created by the marketplace will keep prices low and quality high.

• If a number of florists jump on board and start saving, it'll strengthen the sector as a whole.


  Pictured here is Steve with a few of his Holland-based team


florismart-pages-to-useWe've made a downloadable mini mag all about FloriSmart, so you can read it at the till, on the go, in bed, in the bath, wherever you fancy. Click the button below to download your copy.