Are you a Flo­ral Pio­neer?

FloriSMart-need-YOUSome­thing big is com­ing to the UK florist sec­tor. Some­thing set to rum­ble the indus­try in more ways than one. Which is why Steve France, Tracey Grif­fin* and their team of experts are on the hunt for pio­neers to be a part of a flower buy­ing revolution.

They’re look­ing for inde­pen­dent florists who are seri­ous about their busi­ness and not afraid of change. The sort of changes that, with a few sim­ple clicks, can hit your bank account and profitability.

New Year, New Flower Market

At its sim­plest FloriS­mart is an online flower mar­ket that allows you to pick and choose between whole­salers, giv­ing you the very best value and the very best qual­ity. You’ve all seen the car insur­ance ads … well that’s what FloriS­mart is — with­out the meerkats! A flower buyer’s com­par­i­son site cre­ated by a team with expert knowl­edge of whole­sal­ing and a tremen­dous pas­sion for flow­ers. And because a fair few of them are florists them­selves not only can they be trusted but they under­stand your busi­ness and realise how impor­tant it is you can buy at the best prices… and as eas­ily as possible.

In fact FloriS­mart is the first ever online flower mar­ket to allow florists to com­pare prices and prod­ucts from a range of whole­salers quickly and eas­ily. With over a mil­lion stems and 800 vari­eties from some of the largest whole­salers, this level of choice and com­pe­ti­tion has never been seen before and just one of the rea­sons why Steve is con­vinced florists could see a change in their fortunes.

“With the changes in con­sumer buy­ing pat­terns, I firmly believe inde­pen­dent florists can, and will take back mar­ket share. With FloriS­mart cre­at­ing a level play­ing field for buy­ing, where florists and super­mar­kets can finally com­pete fairly, florists will be one step closer to doing so.”

FloriS­mart is still in beta until its for­mal launch in April, so there are tons more fea­tures and updates to be made. But to take it to the next level the team need even more florists around the UK to jump on-​board and help them build what could be THE flower buy­ing plat­form for the next cen­tury. If you’re that sort of florist visit www​.floris​mart​.com or email This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of the team will get in touch.

exclusive-interviewsIn the mean­time we’ve got exclu­sive inter­views with Steve France, Man­ag­ing Direc­tor and Tracey Grif­fin, Mar­ket­ing Man­ager. Click here to see who’s behind it, why they’re doing it, and why they believe FloriS­mart is the way inde­pen­dent florists can fight back in 2015 and beyond.

And if we haven’t per­suaded you already…


Here are just a few more rea­sons why we reckon you should con­sider giv­ing FloriS­mart a go:

• You’ll spend less money on flow­ers so you’ll have plenty more for salaries, adver­tis­ing, new prod­ucts, shop décor, tea, bis­cuits, buckets.…

It’s not just about buy­ing the cheap­est blooms out there. FloriS­mart isn’t just a price com­par­i­son site; it’s also about find­ing the right flower for the right pur­pose … be it a lux­ury length rose for Valentine’s or lower cost short but per­fect stems for based designs and both at the best prices.

FloriS­mart is cre­ated by an out­stand­ing team of experts in all areas of the indus­try from floristry and buy­ing to trans­port logis­tics and flo­res­cence, plus they’re based in both Hol­land and the UK.

Head hon­cho Steve France brings a wealth of insider knowl­edge from his time at boxed flower com­pany Arena. Think poacher turned game keeper, return­ing from the dark side to build a bet­ter mar­ket for florists.

Users will be able to rate prod­ucts and grow­ers to help each other find the best flow­ers at the best prices. User reviews are the num­ber one method for guar­an­tee­ing you can trust your purchase.

The com­pe­ti­tion among sup­pli­ers cre­ated by the mar­ket­place will keep prices low and qual­ity high.

If a num­ber of florists jump on board and start sav­ing, it’ll strengthen the sec­tor as a whole.


Pic­tured here is Steve with a few of his Holland-​based team

florismart-pages-to-useWe’ve made a down­load­able mini mag all about FloriS­mart, so you can read it at the till, on the go, in bed, in the bath, wher­ever you fancy. Click the but­ton below to down­load your copy.