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Stop moaning - get going

To-Do-listOMG … can’t believe it’s been June since I wrote anything.  Very naughty of me but, having decided to take a sabbatical while daughters went through big exams and moved on to their next stage of life, I confess it has taken me a little while to get back into the swing of things: not least because there have been times when I wasn’t actually sure I wanted to.

I blame a lot of it on Facebook; seemingly the only conduit of florist opinion these days.  In fact it got so bad that I actually put myself on a six week self-ban before I slashed my wrists (metaphorically I hasten to add) over the negativity. 

Because whilst I know the world and his friend seems to be selling flowers I do sometimes wonder what the traditional sector is doing to make sure they get a fair share of the sales.  Sweet Fanny Adams if some of the postings I've seen are to be believed.  In fact whinging seems to be the order to the day rather than pro-actively going out and getting business.  

Far too many florists are seemingly happy to sit on Facebook all day moaning and groaning and berating the latest bridezilla, DIY-er or the supermarket up the road than set themselves a list of projects that could change their business by attracting new customers.

And that seriously irritates me.  Because there are oodles of ways florist shops can improve their business if they really want to.  PR opportunities are out there by the mile, flowers are a product that can be used to open any and every door and with an improving economy flowers are again making it back onto the shopping list. 

It is very easy to blame everyone and anyone for why your business doesn’t work but ultimately it’s down to you and you alone.  No-one owes you a living, you have to get out there and work for it.  If you don’t want to then may I respectfully ask you to shut down and make space for the florist shops that do want to get out there and go for it without moaning.