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Stop moan­ing — get going

To-Do-listOMG … can’t believe it’s been June since I wrote any­thing. Very naughty of me but, hav­ing decided to take a sab­bat­i­cal while daugh­ters went through big exams and moved on to their next stage of life, I con­fess it has taken me a lit­tle while to get back into the swing of things: not least because there have been times when I wasn’t actu­ally sure I wanted to.

I blame a lot of it on Face­book; seem­ingly the only con­duit of florist opin­ion these days. In fact it got so bad that I actu­ally put myself on a six week self-​ban before I slashed my wrists (metaphor­i­cally I has­ten to add) over the negativity.

Because whilst I know the world and his friend seems to be sell­ing flow­ers I do some­times won­der what the tra­di­tional sec­tor is doing to make sure they get a fair share of the sales. Sweet Fanny Adams if some of the post­ings I’ve seen are to be believed. In fact whing­ing seems to be the order to the day rather than pro-​actively going out and get­ting business.

Far too many florists are seem­ingly happy to sit on Face­book all day moan­ing and groan­ing and berat­ing the lat­est bridezilla, DIY-​er or the super­mar­ket up the road than set them­selves a list of projects that could change their busi­ness by attract­ing new customers.

And that seri­ously irri­tates me. Because there are oodles of ways florist shops can improve their busi­ness if they really want to. PR oppor­tu­ni­ties are out there by the mile, flow­ers are a prod­uct that can be used to open any and every door and with an improv­ing econ­omy flow­ers are again mak­ing it back onto the shop­ping list.

It is very easy to blame every­one and any­one for why your busi­ness doesn’t work but ulti­mately it’s down to you and you alone. No-​one owes you a liv­ing, you have to get out there and work for it. If you don’t want to then may I respect­fully ask you to shut down and make space for the florist shops that do want to get out there and go for it with­out moaning.