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Mat Hepplestone, Red Floral Architecture

Mat Hepplestone

Cheshire based floral designer Mat Hepplestone tells us about his passion for luxury, his journey to the top and the things that make him tick.

What three words would best describe you?

Creative, fun and floral

Best business decision?

Starting up Red Floral Architecture, we’ve received an overwhelming response to our flowers in the North West of England! We have tons of flower fans.

Worst business decision?

There are no bad decisions, you learn from every business decision you make whether good or bad.

What turns your stomach and why?

People who imitate Red Floral Architecture flower displays and claim to be florists when they’re not properly trained.

How do you relax?

I love hanging around with my beloved dog. He comes to do all the flower preparations at weddings with us.

Greatest indulgence?

Brides are often scared off by the more expensive flowers like Phaleonopsis orchids and peonies. These flowers albeit more expensive are striking in minimal numbers and are guaranteed to scream luxury at any wedding regardless of volume.

What’s your biggest pet hate?

People who just decide to go into wedding flowers and use photos from Pinterest to claim they’re florists when they’re not.

What’s something you dream of doing?

I’d have loved to have done the wedding flowers at the Royal Wedding, I still dream of decorating Westminster Abbey in a similar fashion to how we recently did the Manchester Monastry recently with sculptures of white flowers.

What do you find most difficult?

Tearing myself from flowers and work because I love what I do. I am always buzzing with ideas for flower arrangements!

Is the customer always right?

Yes, you have to work closely with your client to make all their dreams and visions of wedding flowers come true! You have to really get to know your client and show them a lot of visuals!

Most cringe-making moment of your career?

We were asked to do all Charlotte Balbier’s wedding flowers but we couldn’t stay on the actual day which was such a shame! I cringed saying no as I knew it would be an amazing day! The floral arrangements comprised masses of nudes, blush, peach, pink and ivory coloured blooms to create a real wow factor. We transformed her marquee into a magical wonderland dressed with chandeliers adorned with flowers, as well as walls of mirrors and hundreds of candles.

Best piece of advice to someone starting out in the industry?

Build your florist portfolio up and take photos of every wedding you do! Keeping all the images makes it easier to show brides what you can do!

You’re stranded on a desert island, only one flower grows there, which would you choose?

The summer season is the season that really does it for me in the flower world because I am a huge fan of blousy fragrant blooms. Summer time is the perfect opportunity to get creative with some exquisite English blooms and the sunshine brings out masses of flowers. The vibrancy of dahlias, the aroma of sweet peas and of course the beauty and colour range delphiniums and peonies make for some show stopping designs. With so many flower choices, Red Floral can create lavish wedding displays that are so sought after. Blush pink flowers, lilacs and lavenders with hints of nude and peach are available widely and produce stunning loose ethereal designs…

And finally, the plug..

Red Floral Architecture designs beautiful luxury stylized flowers for prestigious events across the country. We show off the best Red Floral flowers by creative flower director Mat Hepplestone. Red Floral has a design philosophy is to embrace the combination of flowers, environment and budget to create maximum effect. Visit