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Serenata Cash in on the Cloud

serenata-cash-in-on-cloudSerenata, online flower retailer and leading e-florist member, take the leap toward cloud accounting software to modernise its infrastructure.

Serenata say they source flowers direct from growers and auctions around the world and ship orders directly to their customers with the aim to deliver fresher flowers. Due to this business being predominantly online and with employees based nationwide, the company now use Twinfield accounting to allow for anytime, anywhere access.

While our previous system worked sufficiently within the office environment, it could not support us remotely,” says Peter Ahl, managing director of Serenata Flowers. “This was a major factor, as we have a number of people working in different locations nationwide, with many of our bookkeepers working from home rather than the office.”

Using Twinfield, Serenata Flowers is able to produce and compile reports quickly and easily at less cost, while also providing financial staff with secure remote access to the accounting system anytime, anywhere.

Ahl adds “Our staff can enjoy the flexibility to be able to work from home and continue their day-to-day tasks as if they are office-based, which is a major benefit to the business.”

Barbara Kroll, Twinfield UK’s managing director, says: “Serenata is a very innovative business and very quickly recognised the advantages that a real-time perspective of financial performance can bring to any business. In addition, it has helped them to be more efficient within the business as those using the system can access data at any time and from anywhere.”

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