Cook­ing up a Glit­ter Ball


Acces­sories can make or break an out­fit, so who’s to say that flo­ral designs are any different?

Wed­ding trends chop and change con­stantly; brides will no longer set­tle for the same old roundy-​moundy when there are so many mil­lions of unusual and inno­v­a­tive ideas out there.

One way to make sure your work stands out is to acces­sorise; Vogue tells us a state­ment neck­lace will jazz up an out­fit and take you from day to night even if teamed with the bland­est of clothes… so surely a vin­tage pearl pin or daz­zling dia­mante pick could give even the plainest of filler flow­ers enough life to become the belle of the ball.

With an ounce of style, a pinch of bling, and a sprin­kle of sparkle, Cor­sage Cre­ations show us how it’s done…

This ver­sa­tile design can be made as a groom or prom-goer’s but­ton­hole or as a hand­bag cor­sage. The Mon­stera Leaf attach­ment promises a firm hold so that it can be mar­keted to suit all kinds of customers.


recipe-3-step-1recipe-3-step-2recipe-3-step-3Mon­stera Leaf But­ton­hole Holder with mag­nets
Bling it on stick­ers
Oasis Flo­ral Adhe­sive
• Spray roses
• Kalan­choe flo­rets
• Bear grass stems

Use the adhe­sive to stick bear grass strips onto a Mon­stera Leaf But­ton­hole Holder. Glue spray roses at oppo­site ends of the Mon­stera Leaf, then glue the Kalan­choe flo­rets into the cen­tre of the design. Finally, stick the self-​adhesive Bling it on stick­ers onto the bear grass.

This Jas­mine Flower Girl Bas­ket is sweet and sparkly enough to be adored by lit­tle ones, and com­plete with a bunch of fresh blooms it’s pretty enough for any bride’s aisle.


1 recipe-1-tulips-flower-girl-basket2 recipe-organza-flower-girl-basket3 recipe-finished flower-girl-basket

Jas­mine Flower Girl Bas­ket
Mono­gram let­ters
• Roll of cel­lo­phane
15x tulips
• Block of flo­ral foam
• Roll of organza

First, line the Jas­mine bas­ket with cel­lo­phane and place the pre-​soaked and trimmed block of foam inside. Then add the tulips, start­ing from the cen­tre and work­ing out­wards. Fill in any gaps between the tulips by push­ing in pieces of organza. Once all the gaps are filled, add the mono­gram let­ters to fin­ish off the design.

We’re not sure that lace will ever go out of fash­ion, so keep up with the trends by incor­po­rat­ing it into your floristry. This lace frill can be used to add a vin­tage touch to posies of all styles and sizes.


5-lace-wedding-posy-frill7-wrap-organza-lace-wedding-posy-frill8-finished-lace-wedding-posy-frillLace frill
3x Sparkling Heir­loom brooch pins
1x Cen­tre of Atten­tion brooch pin
Oasis Flo­ral Adhe­sive
2x stems of spray roses
• Roll of organza

Fold the lace edge back on itself and glue, using the Oasis Flo­ral Adhe­sive, to the plas­tic base of the frill, ensur­ing the plas­tic is fully cov­ered. Insert the first stem of roses into the frill, then add the sec­ond stem, and con­tinue work­ing out­wards until you’re happy with the shape of the posy. Next, assem­ble the brooch pins and insert them into the design. Wrap the organza around the rose stems so they are fully cov­ered and then glue to secure.

The Lotus Wand by Cor­sage Cre­ations makes the per­fect alter­na­tive to a bou­quet for younger ‘maids – and brides are sure to be show­ered with affec­tion after offer­ing lit­tle ones the chance to be a flower fairy for the day.



Lotus Wand – Sil­ver
Wired Daz­zle Line – Sil­ver
Kara’s Kisses – Delight­ful
• Assorted flow­ers
Oasis Flo­ral Adhesive

Pre-​soak hydrangea flo­rets and dip them in a pud­dle of glue before padding them into the base of the wand. Cut the rest of the flow­ers short at the stem, dip them into the glue pud­dle and insert them into hydrangea. Next, insert Kara’s Kisses into the rose heads. Finally, take the Daz­zle Line, attach it to the end of the wand and bind it around the edge to suit the design.

Every­one loves an orchid, espe­cially one which can be worn on the wrist com­plete with feath­ers and sparkles — this ele­gant cor­sage design is one of our all time favourites.


maisie-braceletkaras-kisses-cloud-9-accessoriesexotic-to-use-corsage-creations2x Cym­bid­ium Orchids
1x White Cloud 9 Feather Accent
3x Sil­ver Kara’s Kisses
1x Hailie wrist cor­sage bracelet
Oasis Flo­ral Adhesive

Squeeze your­self a pud­dle of glue onto a tray, ceramic tile, or some­thing sim­i­lar to keep your work sur­face from get­ting messy and sticky. Take the Cloud 9 and dip the base into the glue, hold it for a cou­ple of sec­onds to allow it to become tacky, then attach it to the plas­tic attach­ment of the bracelet. Stick the flow­ers to the Cloud 9 accent using the same method, ensur­ing you cut the stems as close to the head as pos­si­ble, and cover the whole sur­face of the cut stem end to pre­serve mois­ture. Insert Kara’s Kisses and other add-​ons to taste.

Sim­ply click on each of the items listed to pur­chase online, or visit cor​sage​cre​ations​.co​.uk to browse the wide range of acces­sories, add-​ons and essen­tial sum­mer wed­ding stock.