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Cooking up a Glitter Ball


Accessories can make or break an outfit, so who’s to say that floral designs are any different?

Wedding trends chop and change constantly; brides will no longer settle for the same old roundy-moundy when there are so many millions of unusual and innovative ideas out there.

One way to make sure your work stands out is to accessorise; Vogue tells us a statement necklace will jazz up an outfit and take you from day to night even if teamed with the blandest of clothes... so surely a vintage pearl pin or dazzling diamante pick could give even the plainest of filler flowers enough life to become the belle of the ball.

With an ounce of style, a pinch of bling, and a sprinkle of sparkle, Corsage Creations show us how it’s done...

This versatile design can be made as a groom or prom-goer’s buttonhole or as a handbag corsage. The Monstera Leaf attachment promises a firm hold so that it can be marketed to suit all kinds of customers.


recipe-3-step-1recipe-3-step-2recipe-3-step-3Monstera Leaf Buttonhole Holder with magnets
Bling it on stickers
Oasis Floral Adhesive
• Spray roses
• Kalanchoe florets
• Bear grass stems



Use the adhesive to stick bear grass strips onto a Monstera Leaf Buttonhole Holder. Glue spray roses at opposite ends of the Monstera Leaf, then glue the Kalanchoe florets into the centre of the design. Finally, stick the self-adhesive Bling it on stickers onto the bear grass. 

This Jasmine Flower Girl Basket is sweet and sparkly enough to be adored by little ones, and complete with a bunch of fresh blooms it’s pretty enough for any bride’s aisle.


1 recipe-1-tulips-flower-girl-basket2 recipe-organza-flower-girl-basket3 recipe-finished flower-girl-basket


Jasmine Flower Girl Basket
Monogram letters
• Roll of cellophane
• 15x tulips
• Block of floral foam
• Roll of organza


First, line the Jasmine basket with cellophane and place the pre-soaked and trimmed block of foam inside. Then add the tulips, starting from the centre and working outwards. Fill in any gaps between the tulips by pushing in pieces of organza. Once all the gaps are filled, add the monogram letters to finish off the design.

We’re not sure that lace will ever go out of fashion, so keep up with the trends by incorporating it into your floristry. This lace frill can be used to add a vintage touch to posies of all styles and sizes.

 Recipe#3   -   WEDDING POSY

5-lace-wedding-posy-frill7-wrap-organza-lace-wedding-posy-frill8-finished-lace-wedding-posy-frillLace frill
3x Sparkling Heirloom brooch pins
1x Centre of Attention brooch pin
Oasis Floral Adhesive
• 2x stems of spray roses
• Roll of organza

Fold the lace edge back on itself and glue, using the Oasis Floral Adhesive, to the plastic base of the frill, ensuring the plastic is fully covered. Insert the first stem of roses into the frill, then add the second stem, and continue working outwards until you're happy with the shape of the posy. Next, assemble the brooch pins and insert them into the design. Wrap the organza around the rose stems so they are fully covered and then glue to secure.


The Lotus Wand by Corsage Creations makes the perfect alternative to a bouquet for younger ‘maids – and brides are sure to be showered with affection after offering little ones the chance to be a flower fairy for the day.

 Recipe #4   -   A WONDERLAND WAND



Lotus Wand – Silver
Wired Dazzle Line – Silver
Kara’s Kisses – Delightful
• Assorted flowers
Oasis Floral Adhesive


Pre-soak hydrangea florets and dip them in a puddle of glue before padding them into the base of the wand. Cut the rest of the flowers short at the stem, dip them into the glue puddle and insert them into hydrangea. Next, insert Kara’s Kisses into the rose heads. Finally, take the Dazzle Line, attach it to the end of the wand and bind it around the edge to suit the design.

Everyone loves an orchid, especially one which can be worn on the wrist complete with feathers and sparkles - this elegant corsage design is one of our all time favourites.



maisie-braceletkaras-kisses-cloud-9-accessoriesexotic-to-use-corsage-creations• 2x Cymbidium Orchids
• 1x White Cloud 9 Feather Accent
• 3x Silver Kara’s Kisses
• 1x Hailie wrist corsage bracelet
Oasis Floral Adhesive

Squeeze yourself a puddle of glue onto a tray, ceramic tile, or something similar to keep your work surface from getting messy and sticky. Take the Cloud 9 and dip the base into the glue, hold it for a couple of seconds to allow it to become tacky, then attach it to the plastic attachment of the bracelet. Stick the flowers to the Cloud 9 accent using the same method, ensuring you cut the stems as close to the head as possible, and cover the whole surface of the cut stem end to preserve moisture. Insert Kara’s Kisses and other add-ons to taste. 

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