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Ed de Groot and Ham­i­fleurs join forces

DFG-for-webTwo of the Dutch Flower Group com­pa­nies are join­ing forces to cre­ate a stronger and more flex­i­ble ser­vice. Ed de Groot, with 50 employ­ees will inte­grate with Ham­i­fleurs, one of the larger exporters who are also based in Hon­sel­ers­dijk and employ 100 staff.

Designed to pro­vide an even greater com­mer­cial focus and ensure both improved oper­a­tions and com­mer­cial strengths, the two exporters will com­bine their han­dling and logis­tic oper­a­tions as well as inte­grat­ing their organ­i­sa­tions over the sum­mer months.

While the Ed de Groot label will con­tinue and Ed will remain respon­si­ble for the com­mer­cial activ­i­ties the inte­grated com­pany will be run by Ham­mi­fleurs MD Cor van Staal­duinen and FD Edwin Beekman.

As a result, Ham­i­fleurs, and Ed de Groot Bloemen­ex­port expect to be able to pro­vide their inter­na­tional client base with fur­ther improve­ments to ser­vice lev­els, an increased flex­i­bil­ity within their range of cut flow­ers and

www​.bloemen​ex​port​.nl www​.ham​i​fleurs​.nl.