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Ed de Groot and Hamifleurs join forces

DFG-for-webTwo of the Dutch Flower Group companies are joining forces to create a stronger and more flexible service.  Ed de Groot, with 50 employees will integrate with Hamifleurs, one of the larger exporters who are also based in Honselersdijk and employ 100 staff.

Designed to provide an even greater commercial focus and ensure both improved operations and commercial strengths, the two exporters will combine their handling and logistic operations as well as integrating their organisations over the summer months.

While the Ed de Groot label will continue and Ed will remain responsible for the commercial activities the integrated company will be run by Hammifleurs MD Cor van Staalduinen and FD Edwin Beekman. 

As a result, Hamifleurs, and Ed de Groot Bloemenexport expect to be able to provide their international client base with further improvements to service levels, an increased flexibility within their range of cut flowers and