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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Flower News #2

UPDATE-2-INTRO-flowervision-london-seasonal-update-wholesaler-flowers-florist-buy-season-change-current-newsHere's the latest handy flower update from Flowervision - invaluable information for florists keen to keep on top of what's in and what's out, helping you to avoid over-spending, grab bargains and get your hands on the freshest new stock.





This week's flower news from the team at Flowervision London:

•  International Mother's Day on Sunday 11th May has started influencing the supplies and prices of flowers. Expect to see a a steady rise in prices over the next week or so, but hopefully this will level out again after the event.

•  Red Rose prices are expected to rise quite sharply due to this event, so please keep a check on the Webshop/Flower Stock for daily price updates.

UPDATE-2-cUrcuma-flowervision-london-seasonal-update-wholesaler-flowers-florist-buy-season-change-current-news•  The price of David Austin Roses is raised due to Wedding Season (1st May to 1st October) and the increased demand for this product. There are good alternative Ecuadorian and Colombian Garden Rose varieties which may be suitable substitutes, but bear in mind the trend colours may also be slightly raised in price. Please check with our buyers and in our Webshop.

•  Exotic Curcumas are available again from this week onwards in all lengths and colour varieties.

•  Tulip season, including outdoor grown varieties, is finally ending. Some will still be available from special growers, but not in all colours and varieties.

•  Hyacinth season is also coming to an end and the quality is now starting to drop.

•  Italian greens are still suffering young crop, so expect soft tips from new growth over the next couple of weeks, we hope this will start hardening off very soon. Products to look out for are Pittosporum Nigra, Cinerea and other Eucalyptus varieties.

•  Dutch Carnations are in full production, so we can expect to see keener prices.

•  Many Astilbe growers are in production now. Readily available are light Pink 'Europa' and bright white 'Washington', with other varieties like red 'Fanal' and cherry red 'Boogie Woogie' available in smaller quantities for now.

•  From this week onwards Rob Beentjes Nurseries have the first of the Dutch Eremurus now on auction, only in yellow and orange colours at the moment and in lengths of 110, 120 and 130cm.

See images below for the new Asiatic Lilies Flowervision London were testing this week. They were impressed with not only the freshness and the quality, but also with their performance. These are now available for pre-order or from stock daily. Why not give them a try and tell the Flowervision team what you think?

Visit to find your nearest branch and to check out their huge range of flowers and plants.