Here Today, Gone Tomor­row — Flower News #2

UPDATE-2-INTRO-flowervision-london-seasonal-update-wholesaler-flowers-florist-buy-season-change-current-newsHere’s the lat­est handy flower update from Flow­ervi­sion - invalu­able infor­ma­tion for florists keen to keep on top of what’s in and what’s out, help­ing you to avoid over-​spending, grab bar­gains and get your hands on the fresh­est new stock.

This week’s flower news from the team at Flow­ervi­sion London:

• Inter­na­tional Mother’s Day on Sun­day 11th May has started influ­enc­ing the sup­plies and prices of flow­ers. Expect to see a a steady rise in prices over the next week or so, but hope­fully this will level out again after the event.

• Red Rose prices are expected to rise quite sharply due to this event, so please keep a check on the Webshop/​Flower Stock for daily price updates.

UPDATE-2-cUrcuma-flowervision-london-seasonal-update-wholesaler-flowers-florist-buy-season-change-current-news• The price of David Austin Roses is raised due to Wed­ding Sea­son (1st May to 1st Octo­ber) and the increased demand for this prod­uct. There are good alter­na­tive Ecuado­rian and Colom­bian Gar­den Rose vari­eties which may be suit­able sub­sti­tutes, but bear in mind the trend colours may also be slightly raised in price. Please check with our buy­ers and in our Webshop.

• Exotic Cur­cumas are avail­able again from this week onwards in all lengths and colour varieties.

• Tulip sea­son, includ­ing out­door grown vari­eties, is finally end­ing. Some will still be avail­able from spe­cial grow­ers, but not in all colours and varieties.

• Hyacinth sea­son is also com­ing to an end and the qual­ity is now start­ing to drop.

• Ital­ian greens are still suf­fer­ing young crop, so expect soft tips from new growth over the next cou­ple of weeks, we hope this will start hard­en­ing off very soon. Prod­ucts to look out for are Pit­tospo­rum Nigra, Cinerea and other Euca­lyp­tus varieties.

• Dutch Car­na­tions are in full pro­duc­tion, so we can expect to see keener prices.

• Many Astilbe grow­ers are in pro­duc­tion now. Read­ily avail­able are light Pink ‘Europa’ and bright white ‘Wash­ing­ton’, with other vari­eties like red ‘Fanal’ and cherry red ‘Boo­gie Woo­gie’ avail­able in smaller quan­ti­ties for now.

• From this week onwards Rob Been­t­jes Nurs­eries have the first of the Dutch Ere­mu­rus now on auc­tion, only in yel­low and orange colours at the moment and in lengths of 110, 120 and 130cm.

See images below for the new Asi­atic Lilies Flow­ervi­sion Lon­don were test­ing this week. They were impressed with not only the fresh­ness and the qual­ity, but also with their per­for­mance. These are now avail­able for pre-​order or from stock daily. Why not give them a try and tell the Flow­ervi­sion team what you think?

Visit flow​ervi​sion​web​.com to find your near­est branch and to check out their huge range of flow­ers and plants.