NAFAS to Dis­trib­ute 60,000 Lonely Bou­quets

nafas lonely bouquet flowers florist campaign kindnessLonely Bou­quets will be mak­ing an appear­ance on our street cor­ners and park benches once again as NAFAS cel­e­brate UK National Flower Arrang­ing Day (Fri­day 2nd May) by dis­trib­ut­ing a whop­ping 60,000 mys­tery bunches across the UK… plus their cam­paign is being fronted by a famous face!

In cel­e­bra­tion of their Emer­ald Anniver­sary the char­ity is plan­ning the mass dis­tri­b­u­tion on a scale never seen before. NAFAS Hon­orary Patron, TV’s Nicki Chap­man as seen on BBC’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show cov­er­age, is fronting the campaign.

Mys­tery bunches of blooms will be placed every­where, from shop doorsteps to well-​known land­marks and sur­prise loca­tions in the hope that they will find a home and brighten someone’s day.

The ran­dom act of kind­ness ini­tia­tive was the brain­child of florist and blog­ger Emily Aven­son. The idea went viral last June (Inter­na­tional Lonely Bou­quet Day – 29th June) and Lonely Bou­quets have been dis­trib­uted across the globe ever since.

Lonely bouquet emily pic flowers floristThis year NAFAS is tak­ing the con­cept even fur­ther with the help of its mem­bers. Sue Brin­ton Chair­woman of NAFAS, commented:

“The con­cept is sim­ple. We are ask­ing all our mem­bers to make a bou­quet, attach a tag ask­ing, ‘Take me home and adopt me’, and leave the Lonely Bou­quet in a spot where a lucky stranger will find it and give it a new home. With over 60,000 mem­bers we hope we will be able to com­mu­ni­cate our love of flow­ers on a national level by becom­ing part of this great, heart-​warming movement”

Nicki Chap­man says: “The ‘Lonely Bou­quet’ is a lovely idea which is fast gath­er­ing momen­tum around the globe. It’s a sim­ple idea really with no ulte­rior motive other than to brighten somebody’s day and to spread the joy of flow­ers and flo­ral design.”

NAFAS also hopes that by pro­mot­ing the ‘Lonely Bou­quet’ con­cept, it can in turn pro­mote the flower indus­try itself and attract new mem­bers to join NAFAS clubs.

Nicki Chap­man added; “With Kirstie All­sopp fly­ing the flag for home­made crafts, Mary Berry teach­ing us how to bake and cus­tomised cloth­ing becom­ing all the rage thanks to Clau­dia Winkleman’s Sewing Bee, now is the time to bring another great British tra­di­tion into the spotlight.

“Flo­ral design is a true art form and we hope that this huge ini­tia­tive can help spread our pas­sion across the UK. Keep your eyes peeled in case you spot a posy — it just might be the good home those flow­ers are look­ing for is your own!”

NAFAS plan to scat­ter over 60,000 Lonely Bou­quets across the UK from the begin­ning of May. The new own­ers are encour­aged to post a mes­sage back to NAFAS to let them know it found a good home.

Pic­ture above right by Emily Aven­son — Fleu­ro­pean

For more on the Lonely Bou­quet, visit www​.thelonely​bou​quet​.com

For more info from NAFAS www​.nafas​.org​.uk Face­book /​NAFAS_​flowers Twit­ter @NAFAS_flowers