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Sell more with your Flower Stand

intro-croft-logo-flower-stands-florist-sales-sell-retail-business-high-street-buckets-metalword-flowerNow Valentine’s has come and gone there’s just one peak to go before sum­mer, and CROFT want to help you pre­pare for Mother’s Day so you can really do it in style. They’re offer­ing some of their best stands at their best ever prices in the run up to the big day. Plus, order now and get your new stand in time for Mother’s Day.

CROFT’s large range is worth a peek; from neat and sim­ple upright bucket stands to the unique range designed by Paula Pryke to the ver­sa­tile bucket and tray stand which allows for far more inter­est­ing dis­plays. Order in time for Mother’s Day quot­ing The Florist and there are real sav­ings to be made on a selec­tion of productions.

Don’t for­get that they also sell bunkers, boxes, load­ers, work­sta­tions and more… and of course those all-​important buckets!

To find out more visit croft​flow​er​stands​.co​.uk, email This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call CROFT on 01279 215 186.

We are always pleased to advise on any new ven­ture or shop refit projects – you can rely on our expe­ri­ence”.CROFT Flower Stands