Home-​Based Busi­nesses on the Increase

freelance-florist-home-based-businessThe num­ber of free­lance florists on our data­base has been steadily increas­ing, and it appears it isn’t just us notic­ing the shift. Accord­ing to analy­sis from Direct Line for Busi­ness (DL4B), there are cur­rently 2.5 mil­lion home busi­ness own­ers now oper­at­ing across the UK, rep­re­sent­ing 52% of the total num­ber of UK small busi­nesses and 8% of the UK’s total workforce.

The analy­sis high­lights an evolv­ing UK work­force which has devel­oped in a chal­leng­ing and uncer­tain eco­nomic envi­ron­ment. Mil­lions of peo­ple are choos­ing to take con­trol of their future this way, be it due to the costly over­heads of run­ning a shop, the abil­ity to offer wed­ding flow­ers only, the aim to achiev­ing a bet­ter work-​life bal­ance or often turn­ing a poten­tial hobby into a career by using an increas­ingly dig­i­tal, mobile and flex­i­ble busi­ness landscape.

wedding-flowers-only-home-based-businessDL4B’s analy­sis showed that the South East and South West had the high­est con­cen­tra­tion of home busi­ness own­ers, both rep­re­sent­ing a tenth of total work­force in both regions. London’s home busi­ness owner com­mu­nity accounts for nine per cent of the total four mil­lion strong work­force, with more than 356,000 across the city, and over 32,800 in Wandsworth alone.

Richard Phillips, CEO of thriv­ing online tran­scrip­tion ser­vice Out­Sec, has reaped the ben­e­fits of work­ing from home. He adds another argu­ment for flex­i­ble work­ing: “It’s eco-​friendly! Think of all those com­muters taken off the roads and pub­lic transport.

“But do not think it is easy,” he adds. “Flex­i­ble work­ing requires a clear plan to work effec­tively and con­stant mon­i­tor­ing of per­son­nel. Moti­va­tion and self-​discipline are vital to any­one who chooses to work from home.”

Jazz Gakhal, Head of DL4B, urges any­one look­ing to oper­ate as a busi­ness from home to organ­ise home busi­ness insur­ance from the start. For more infor­ma­tion on DL4B home busi­ness insur­ance cover, visit: direct​line​for​busi​ness​.co​.uk/​h​o​m​e​-​b​u​s​i​n​e​s​s​-​i​n​s​u​r​a​n​c​e