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Home-Based Businesses on the Increase

freelance-florist-home-based-businessThe number of freelance florists on our database has been steadily increasing, and it appears it isn’t just us noticing the shift. According to analysis from Direct Line for Business (DL4B), there are currently 2.5 million home business owners now operating across the UK, representing 52% of the total number of UK small businesses and 8% of the UK’s total workforce.

The analysis highlights an evolving UK workforce which has developed in a challenging and uncertain economic environment. Millions of people are choosing to take control of their future this way, be it due to the costly overheads of running a shop, the ability to offer wedding flowers only, the aim to achieving a better work-life balance or often turning a potential hobby into a career by using an increasingly digital, mobile and flexible business landscape.

wedding-flowers-only-home-based-businessDL4B’s analysis showed that the South East and South West had the highest concentration of home business owners, both representing a tenth of total workforce in both regions. London’s home business owner community accounts for nine per cent of the total four million strong workforce, with more than 356,000 across the city, and over 32,800 in Wandsworth alone.

Richard Phillips, CEO of thriving online transcription service OutSec, has reaped the benefits of working from home. He adds another argument for flexible working: “It's eco-friendly! Think of all those commuters taken off the roads and public transport.

“But do not think it is easy,” he adds. “Flexible working requires a clear plan to work effectively and constant monitoring of personnel. Motivation and self-discipline are vital to anyone who chooses to work from home.”

Jazz Gakhal, Head of DL4B, urges anyone looking to operate as a business from home to organise home business insurance from the start. For more information on DL4B home business insurance cover, visit: