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Deliveries Driving you Crazy?

vehicle-hire-delivery-1Ever have trouble organising your deliveries at peak times? Do you struggle with same-day orders flying in whilst you’ve got one driver in one part of the country and one the other, but next week you won’t need either? Cambridge Floral Designs have come up with a solution - they’re vouching for flexible hire as the way to combat those delivery woes.

Owner Simon Freeman says: “The floristry industry is seeing more and more logistical constraints as delivery demands increase. This is a notoriously tricky area for florists, as the costs of operating vehicles for independent business can have a large impact on the bottom line; as a result I’ve been hesitant to purchase supplementary vehicles or enter into contract hire.”

Instead, Simon opted for flexible hire with Northgate Vehicle Hire. He has two flower shops in the heart of Cambridge and decided to partner with Northgate following a rise in demand in a post-recession climate. He currently hires two vehicles from Northgate and anticipates hiring more during the peaks.

vehicle-hire-delivery-2Northgate’s Head of Marketing, Jonathan Pearce, says:

“Flexible vehicle hire is a common sense decision that brings with it a host of cost and utilisation benefits. It’s especially popular within sectors that experience seasonal fluctuations in activity such as the floristry industry. We experience dramatic increases in demand before and during seasonal occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. We give you the flexibility to add or remove vehicles at these times, or any other time, without penalty”.

As businesses continue to feel the squeeze with rising vehicle running costs (fuel, tyres, oil and lubricants, breakdown, recovery…), flexible hire could eliminate such headaches. And Northgate promise to never expose you, the customer, to such costs!

vehicle-hire-delivery-3Jonathon says “Our flexibility allows for the changeable and unpredictable nature of the business and retail world. There’s no need to worry about residual value, risks are removed, and our support is guaranteed should emergency back up or replacement vehicles be required.”

“We’ll give you ‘wiggle room’ rather than tying you down to a specific contract linking you to a specific number of vehicles for certain length of time.”

Simon of Cambridge Floral Designs adds: “The flexibility Northgate provides is really what appealed to me, there is no deposit upfront and I can offload vehicles without incurring a cost, providing me with complete peace of mind. The additional vehicle wrapping services on offer was further value and made the partnership the perfect solution.”

Northgate Vehicle Hire has sites across 65 locations in the UK, with its head office in Darlington. For further information please visit Follow Northgate on Twitter at