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Time for a rethink?

It could be a disaster.  On the other hand, assuming there was a decent PR initiative explaining why independent florist shops were taking such drastic steps, it could be the best thing that could happen simply because it would highlight why ordering direct was so much better.

In reality it is never going to happen – too many florist shops are too scared to take that step and I understand why, especially if it’s all you’ve known. 

However when we asked florists two years ago what happened when they left  a relay company, a massive 83.3% said that their business was more profitable since they left and NOT ONE person said their revenue had dropped and not built up again or that it was a big mistake.  The same is true this year when we put a shout out for honest feedback on what it was like to leave relay.  Again no-one has said it was a mistake. 

I am not advocating a work to rule or complete strike (well I don’t think so J) but hopefully our finding will make florists who are approaching the next three peaks with concerns to perhaps think twice about accepting every order or maybe consider looking at an alternative way of doing business.