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Bumper Boots for Florists

bumper-boots-florist-flowers-business-shoes-insulate-workWe spotted these florist-friendly boots getting such fab reviews by florists online we had to give them a plug.

Your feet deserve the very best, especially as many of you spend such long hours standing on hard shop floors. So, as we’re sure you know very well, a good pair of boots is a good investment.

These Bumper Boots come highly recommended. Patricia Collins-Morgan says:

“They are the warmest things I’ve found for the concrete, winter flower shop floor. I’ve been wearing them for the last six years! I’ve got them in zebra print and leopard print too but my six year old pair are still perfect.”

“They’re very supportive, good for my back whilst I’m standing all day, and they’re warmer by far than all the rest”.

bumper-boots-ankle-boots-florist-work-shoesBumper Boots come in a variety of leathers in various colours, including a selection of animal print varieties. They are all leather lined to provide insulation and they have colour co-ordinated, shock-absorbing, air-cushioned soles with orthopaedic quality reinforced toes.

They’re an investment for years to come: short ankle-boot styles start from £225, with prices ranging up to £295.

Visit to get your hands on a pair.

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