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Britain becoming Nation of ‘Social Media Shoppers’

Britain becom­ing Nation of ‘Social Media Shoppers’

Find­ings of the 2015 Shop­per Barom­e­ter by Future Think­ing, an annual inde­pen­dent study of cur­rent trends and future con­sumer habits of UK shop­pers, have been revealed show­ing that 44% of British shop­pers fol­low brands on social media in the hope to receive dis­counts and rewards… Read more

Ex Sainsbury’s man at Vision 2020 Conference

Ex Sainsbury’s man at Vision 2020 Conference

There is no doubt super­mar­kets have rad­i­cally changed the flower sell­ing scene. But how did they do it, why do con­sumers like them and more impor­tantly what can florists learn from them to improve their own sales? Hav­ing worked for Sainsbury’s for 16 years Ian Fin­layson is the … Read more

Why I’m going to 2020 Vision: Florists Speak

Why I’m going to 2020 Vision: Florists Speak

It takes just a hand­ful of movers and shak­ers to make seri­ous change, so with over one hun­dred already booked for con­fer­ence 2020 Vision we’re not exag­ger­at­ing when we say we’re expect­ing a bit of a flo­ral rev­o­lu­tion. We spoke to a few to find out why they’re mak­ing their way t… Read more

BFA questions its future at 2020 Vision

BFA ques­tions its future at 2020 Vision

What can BFA – and indus­try — do to help grow the mar­ket? What do inde­pen­dent florists really want and need to grow their busi­nesses, and does the BFA have a role to play in today’s flower indus­try? With­out florist rev­enue BFA is now on the edge. Does indus­try care, will it put… Read more

Design a Logo for British Flowers Hub & Win £1000 of Flowers!

Design a Logo for British Flow­ers Hub & Win £1000 of Flowers!

We’re thrilled to bring you some of the most excit­ing news to ever hit the British flower world! FloraBri­tain is a newly-​founded col­lec­tive of UK flower farm­ers who, for the very first time, have joined forces to sell British flow­ers on a large scale to the nation’s florists. N… Read more




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Tricks of the Trade

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Simply Spherical Cheats

Sim­ply Spher­i­cal Cheats

One of the eas­i­est ways to dec­o­rate tall vases is to use a foam sphere cov­ered in leaves. Sim­ply slot it into the mouth of the vase and décor the…

Double White Bible

Dou­ble White Bible

Make your­self a “white dou­ble” bible. Every design you make…be it a wreath, cross, pillow(all sizes), Gates of Heaven, fish, Black­pool tower, shark, domino etc etc.…log down how many stems…

Twist & Shake

Twist & Shake

We all know the strug­gle stiff buck­ets bring. If buck­ets get stuck together, instead of bash­ing and tug­ging, try rolling them on the ground with your foot until they separate.…..






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