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Boost Cyber Sales with our New Expert Column!

Boost Cyber Sales with our New Expert Column!

Last year the aver­age weekly online spend hit £718 mil­lion pounds. This has increased by 12% since 2013, and has more than dou­bled in the last five years. With online sales rapidly increas­ing, and online flower sales the fifth fastest grow­ing e-​commerce prod­uct in the UK, we fig­ured it was… Read more

Spring Sundries to Smile About!

Spring Sun­dries to Smile About!

Daffs, mus­cari, ranun­cu­lus, hyacinth… there are so many gor­geous stems around right now there’s no deny­ing it’s one of the pret­ti­est times of year. But are your prod­ucts pretty enough to match? Read more

Successful First Conference for BFA

Suc­cess­ful First Con­fer­ence for BFA

19th April saw the first BFA Con­fer­ence take place at the Mar­riot Leices­ter. Organ­ised by the Pur­ple Spot­ted team, pub­lish­ers of the​florist​.co​.uk, the event saw more than 170 indus­try peo­ple join forces for a day of dis­cus­sion, debate and plenty of net­work­ing. Read more

Embrace the Independent Boom with Bouquets

Embrace the Inde­pen­dent Boom with Bouquets

Research shows 70% of florist sales are made up of bou­quets. Big ones, small ones, round ones, wild ones, what­ever shape or size they’re a huge aspect of our indus­try, which is why our team of Bou­quet Tales ambas­sadors are work­ing hard to inspire and amaze bouquet-​makers every­where. Read more

Spring 2015 Business Law Changes

Spring 2015 Busi­ness Law Changes

The start of April saw the lat­est lot of busi­ness law changes take place, so get clued up to make sure you’re on top. Thanks to the Forum of Pri­vate Busi­ness for keep­ing us up-​to-​date, visit their web­site fpb​.org for tons of handy tips for run­ning your small (but beau­ti­ful!) busi­ness. Read more




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Tricks of the Trade

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Simply Spherical Cheats

Sim­ply Spher­i­cal Cheats

One of the eas­i­est ways to dec­o­rate tall vases is to use a foam sphere cov­ered in leaves. Sim­ply slot it into the mouth of the vase and décor the…

Double White Bible

Dou­ble White Bible

Make your­self a “white dou­ble” bible. Every design you make…be it a wreath, cross, pillow(all sizes), Gates of Heaven, fish, Black­pool tower, shark, domino etc etc.…log down how many stems…

Twist & Shake

Twist & Shake

We all know the strug­gle stiff buck­ets bring. If buck­ets get stuck together, instead of bash­ing and tug­ging, try rolling them on the ground with your foot until they separate.…..






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